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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Retreat

As a Clinical Psychologist who is a survivor of narcissistic abuse I understand that anyone can find themselves in an abusive relationship, and I understand the harm these relationships can cause. Having both treated patients who are recovering from narcissistic abuse, and having recovered from narcissistic abuse myself, I am passionate about helping people not only survive from these abusive relationships, but come out stronger and thrive.


I will run an intimate retreat in Port Douglas, Queensland for women who are recovering after a relationship with a narcissistic ex partner.


If you broken free from your narcissistic partner and the trauma bond, and are you now looking to heal and recover in a supportive, nurturing, and understanding environment, this is the retreat for you.


The focus is going to be on the following three things:

1. Evidence based trauma informed group therapy:

To address the trauma from the narcissistic relationship using Trauma Informed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy provided in a group setting by myself, a Clinical Psychologist and fellow survivor of narcissistic abuse.

2. Being surrounded by survivors:

To heal through the support of other survivors who truly understand what you have been through and are going through. Narcissists often isolate their victims, and the experience of being abused itself can be extremely isolating. You will have the opportunity to share your experiences, be heard, seen, supported, and build connections with others who truly understand you in a safe and calming environment.

3. Self care:

The aim is to have a laser beam focus on self care during the week long retreat in order to heal, rest, and recover. Our sympathetic nervous system is engaged when we are in danger, and the chronic stress and danger of an abusive relationship sends our sympathetic nervous system into overdrive. The focus on self care during the retreat aims to soothe your overworked sympathetic nervous system and allow the parasympathetic nervous system to take over and recognise that you are safe now. The aim is that you will also develop good self care practices that you will take into your life after the retreat. 

The retreat will include luxury accommodation in beautiful Port Douglas, either individual room or twin share. 3 nutritious meals a day, daily group therapy, daily yoga, daily guided mindfulness practice, opportunities for journaling, an excursion to the Daintree Rainforest, and a snorkelling excursion on the Great Barrier Reef to ground and connect with nature.  

Please register your interest via email:

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